Cars Care & More: the devil is in the details

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Key element of our strategy was to show the company’s impressive work on luxury cars. We achieved this by publishing content-rich entries presenting the results of individual projects.

Cars Care Marketing 360°


Our task was comprehensive. The website was in need of new graphic design, implementation of an advanced SEO strategy and targeted brand image creation in social media.

Brand creation from 0
SEO & marketing
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Due to our efforts, organic traffic on Cars Care’s website has quadrupled (up by 413%). Organic Search grew by an impressive 877%. The share in the Organic Search traffic increased from 57% to 77%. We added a blog full of content attractive for customers. The company gained a motivated, well-engaged audience in social media.

Usability and beauty

Simultaneously, we worked on the website’s design. We wanted it to reflect the character of the brand and company’s most important values: professionalism, exclusivity and dynamism.


Good site visibility in browsers was an absolute priority. This is why we started a thorough redesign of the site. Our work included the restructuring of internal linking, designing new landing pages and performance optimization, which not only helped the SEO, but also made use of the website more pleasant. Internal linking, meta tags and structured data have also been optimized. The logical next step was to start a systematic link building process, constantly increasing the website’s visibility in organic search results.

We put great emphasis on content. Thorough keyword search for all services and products gave us guidelines for copywriters who wrote new, browser-friendly content for all product pages.

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