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GranSport is one of Poland’s national leaders of the luxury car tuning industry. They of all people know what it means that something is polished! So the bar was set high – but… we love a challenge!

GranSport Comprehensive service for the market leader


Develop a good-looking and functional catalog of, ah well, 10,000 products (and counting!), allowing for advanced search and selection of products for a specific model, body type and engine of the car.

Take care of SEO: mostly, but not only through the blog, which also needed to be refreshed and updated with new functionalities. Did we say that there are 900 entries in the blog?

Brand creation from 0
SEO & marketing
Advanced e-catalog & filters

Result and tech

Organic Search increased by 84% (new users number rose from 39,000 to 73,000) in three years. A functional and great-looking, user-friendly website. An impressive catalog of content that not only ranks, but also sells.

We also refined the part of the store invisible to the customer: we created an order management platform with improved functions responsible for the implementation of subsequent stages of the order and we added an after-sales service mechanism.

Usability and beauty

Our goal was to make sure that the entire visit to the GranSport website – from the extensive, welcoming home page, through the product pages, up to the order itself or live chat with the staff – was seamless despite the torrent of information and possibilities of product modification.

We made sure that the transition between different parts of the website was smooth. That’s why you can watch a demo video on product page, or you can go to a blog post describing the product from there; or you can go from the blog to the store etc.

On the home page we put a mechanism allowing for customers to find products tailored to their car, which in turn allows them to skip the tedious filtering stage.


We’ve created key visual and branding expressing the dynamic and luxurious character of the brand.

These days it’s not necessary to explain to anyone how key (pun intended!) good SEO is. Therefore, our priority was to consistently build the brand’s position in search engines, and we achieved it by rebuilding the site’s structure in the Magento e-commerce system and using custom-made SEO solutions for indexing, internal linking and website architecture. We also prepared new SEO content and link building focused on the most competitive keywords.

Last but not least: functionality. It was vital to add the quick contact option in the form of live chat and integration with the CRM system.

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