TROPIKI: e-commerce from scratch

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So many companies brag about their designs being fresh and juicy, but when it comes to our project for the Tropiki plant shop in Poland, we can honestly say we managed to achieve such an effect.

Tropiki Branding and online store


At the request of Wrocław’s greenery fanatics, we set up an online store, designed the brand’s key visual and implemented integrations with delivery drivers and parcel lockers – key e-commerce features.

Creating a brand from 0
Strategy creation
Advanced integrations


The store was set up on the WooCommerce platform, known for its flexibility. We put emphasis on UX: we wanted navigation within the store to be a nice, pleasant experience, very much reminiscent of a visit to a brick and mortar store full of plants. We took care of reliable integration with the delivery drivers system, especially with parcel lockers.

Usability and beauty

We aimed for a distinctive visual, putting the product front and center, and an efficient store allowing for quick delivery of delicate goods.


Competition in the houseplant industry has increased recently since caring for plants grew (pun intended!) in popularity among millennials. This forced us to offer something that would be really eye-catching in comparison with other stores.

The key visual we designed is focused on contrast. The cheerful pink makes the green pop. At the same time, the whole store design stands out because the competition’s websites often focus on black and white or earth-toned key visuals.

A world of colors
English green #1A493E
Sugar cane #EDEDE7
Cream Brulee #FFE2A0
Embarrassed #EF7D8F
First frost #CEE2F0
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