Zatań dance me to the international success

  • E-commerce

The Zatań website allows for the automatic sale of wedding dance choreography courses. And since the language of rhythm and dance is international, the service is available to customers from all over the world.

Zatańczmy Online course sales


Create a clear, easy-to-use portal for customers from all over the world: and therefore also for those who speak different languages ​​and pay in currencies other than PLN.

International sales
Security system
Course management


In order to make it easier for users of the website to access the courses, we made them accessible both through the user’s account and via e-mail.

Usability and beauty


Using the WooCommerce platform, we have created a secure, intuitive and, most importantly, automatic system allowing for sales of digital products. We prepared it for 3 payment currencies and 2 language versions at the disposal of our clients.

We have implemented an IP geolocation system redirecting the user to the version of the store they might be interested in.

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